The Benefits of Using the Right eCommerce Shopping Cart Software Solution

The world of online entrepreneurship wouldn’t be the same without the convenience of eCommerce solutions such as Pinnacle shopping cart software, which takes away the difficulty of establishing a viable online presence quickly and effectively.

If you’re in the market for an all-in-one solution for your selling needs, check out the general features offered by many shopping cart software systems:


Ease of Use

It takes at least a few months to familiarize oneself with all of the elements of programming needed for a viable online store. While the spirit of learning is definitely a plus if you’re a first time online entrepreneur, not everyone has the time or patience to learn everything from ground up.

Enter shopping cart software: with it, you can build your website using a visual interface (i.e. using “levers” and “buttons”) and every element that you will need to create a working online store will be offered to you.

Elements like drop-down menus, search bars, “related items”, etc. can be added to every product page for more efficient selling.  

Companies also offer assistance with transferring your domain/s should the need arise.

Free domain assistance is essential for business owners who are not technically adept. You should also check if additional manuals are available for download should you require more information about a certain aspect of your online store.

Marketing-Centered Aesthetics

Since the World Wide Web is a dominantly visual media, your online store’s appearance is of paramount importance. Back in the nineties, people weren’t very critical of what online stores looked like because the tech boom was just beginning.

Today, with advancements and trends such as Google’s “material design”, mobile and PC interfaces are melding in ways that one can only imagine. Remember: your online store has to look and feel as if it’s part of the tech revolution.

Luckily, you can accomplish this by using website templates that are compliant to international web standards such as W3C. Another great thing about shopping cart software is that companies often provide a website builder that doesn’t require “hard coding” or writing actual code.

You can just “drag and drop” elements of your website to make each page efficient and readable. Your online store would also benefit from having “social elements” such as “Share” and “Favorite” buttons so people can share great finds from your online store.


SEO or “search engine optimization” is the process of making a website more attractive and relevant to search engines, which are the main portals for buying customers.

SEO is a complex and evolving endeavor that has spawned a whole industry of companies and agencies that specialize in making websites rank higher for specific search terms (e.g. “garden gnomes”, “hamburger recipes” or “cellphone parts”.)

SEO-friendly shopping cart software should allow you manage all your website’s URLs, edit page elements such as metadata and manage other components that search engines analyze when your site’s data and structure is analyzed or “crawled”.