Learning More About the Williamsburg Winery – Planning Your Visit

When it comes to a wedding celebration, for a bachelorette or even bachelor’s weekend away, why not consider a winery? A wine tour is a great way to spend a day relaxing with friends and family. You get to try a little wine, have some conversation, and maybe even have a plate of hors-d’oeuvres or two. You’ll get to taste some unique varieties of wine that you wouldn’t normally otherwise have and enjoy the natural beauty of a winery and a day out with people that you love.


The Williamsburg Winery is the perfect place to spend some time on for any getaway! Whether you’re new to the world of wine or love to try different varieties, many people are surprised by how much they enjoy wine tasting. For weddings, they also provide the best wedding dress hanger options. So without any further ado, let’s find out some more about the Williamsburg Winery.

A History

The winery originally started as the 300-acre farm the Wessex Hundred. This name is from colonial times, where parcels of land that were large enough to support 100 families were used to describe acres despite their actual numbers. The Virginia Company sent over ships in 1606 to settle a colony permanently. They sailed up James River, arriving at land that had high ground with excellent soil, located on a tributary. The group decided to move on despite the quality and moved to another spot– Jamestown, the first English settlement to be permanent on the land.

The Twelfth Acte of 1619 decreed that settlers were obligated to plant at least ten vines on his property to make wine. The farm at that time was called Archer’s Hope, named after the member of the expedition that wanted to settle the area. The first farmer of the area was John Johnson, who followed this act. The land was passed on down through the years to many owners, eventually coming to be owned by Patrick and Peggy Duffeler in 1983, the founders of the winery Its Governor’s White release in 1988 received a Gold Medal and is the best-selling state wine in Virginia.Today it offers a variety of wines and wines glowing reviews of its wine, including the revelationary 2007 Adagio.

A Variety of Wines

This winery offers a variety of wines that you’ll delight in trying. From red to white to dessert wines and classic Adagio, there are wines that everyone will love. The Adagio won the Governor’s Medal for best overall wine in 2010 and continues to combine the best aspects of the Old World with the New. Go bold with a red, trying the 2013 Trianon or the 2013 Gabriel Archer Reserve. Or try one of the many white– sample the 2014 Vidal Blanc with hints of creamy banana, melon, lemon, strawberry, and blueberry. Sample the 2014 Petit Fleur for dessert wines– this well-balanced wine is clean and has citrus aromas and honeysuckle and lemon notes.