How Technology is Changing the Way We Buy Our Family a Home

Technology has revolutionized many industries and dev processes. Bradley Barks, Scottsdale SEO Expert, talks about that a lot on his online marketing blog, and discusses the benefits of search engine optimization.

What was house hunting like back in the day?

Before the advent of high speed Internet and smartphones (or tablets), house hunting was a very tedious and time-consuming process that involved driving around the city (or cities) and speaking with different agents or realtors.


There was also the challenge of spotting random “for sale” signs placed on properties that were just recently listed in the market.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the “manual” method of finding properties, today’s technologies are changing the whole landscape of real estate.

Obviously the Internet has changed people’s perspectives of how house-hunting should be done. People aren’t keen anymore in driving around for hours. They’d rather do all the work at home first before venturing out to target properties.

The buying mindset has changed so much that the real estate industry has responded by being more vigorous with making listed properties available online or in special house-hunting applications for mobile devices.

How do modern buyers look for properties?

When a potential buyer is looking for a new home, the first stop is not a local realtor’s website but any of the big search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The average serious buyer will perform almost a dozen solid searches online before settling on one property to view in real life. Back in the day, 11 searches meant 11 successive trips in a day or two. Searching for properties online can save a buyer gas and precious time.

House hunters who are very specific with their search terms (e.g. “Scottsdale homes for sale”) are 69% more likely to actually a buy a property soon after a search.

Make no mistake though: potential buyers are still interested in finding open houses and reaching out to trusted realtors.

However, the first stop is always the search engines and there is a rising trend of using mobile apps to find likely properties. In fact, an estimated 44% of house buyers used mobile house-hunting apps from start to finish.

What house-hunting tools can you use?

If you’re interested in buying a new home, here are some great tools to get you started on the right track:

  1. Google Maps – Google Maps provides clear directions to target properties wherever in the world. This application can easily be accessed on your PC or mobile device. Download it to your mobile phone so you can reference saved searches when you’re driving across the city to view potential porperties.
  1. Zillow – Zillow is an established house-hunting website that people can use to search for listed properties in different cities. It lists property details, addresses and even links itself to Google Maps so you can have pinpoint accuracy when viewing the exact location of homes.
  1. Trulia – With the housing market in a slight decline this year, websites like Trulia are booming with business. Why? Because this particular website lists listed properties that have recently been marked down or discounted by property sellers. Everyone likes a discount – websites like Trulia help you find them.