Three Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Computer Dramatically

If you rely on your computer for work-related activities, you may have experienced drastic slowdowns while performing critical tasks. These slowdowns are not just inconvenient – they can be downright stressful especially if you are chasing a deadline.


Here are three powerful tips that will greatly improve your PC’s speed so you won’t have to suffer from sudden slowdowns in the future:

  1. De-bulk Your PC’ Storage

If you are using a machine that is 3-5 years old, chances are your computer’s storage system is already filled with thousands of images, videos, documents and other common files.

While your computer’s storage is not yet completely full, it may be approaching the threshold in terms of efficiency.

Older computers gradually become slower and more inefficient over time as more files are added to them. There are only two steps that you need to remember if you want to de-bulk your computer’s storage: delete or transfer.

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